Crescent Technosoft since 2005 was formed with a powerful belief among its founders that the technology could enhance and transform businesses in an amazing way. This belief continues to drive us towards our mission of helping discover and implement the best online strategy for businesses, institutions and professionals.

The management lead at crescent technosoft includes team members with a deep insight and exposure to different business practices. International best practices are adopted by former employees at Fortune 500 companies, with work experience in different countries worldwide.

Our technology team combines the best of engineering talent in India, with the most passionate and knowledgeable of college computer nerds who are blessed with a knack for technology.

Hospital Management Software is powerful, flexible and user friendly and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics.

The Main Modules in the Hospital Management Software are:

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    The Main Modules in the Lab Management Software are:

  • General Test
  • Special Test
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    Clinic Management Developed by Crescent Technosoft is a user friendly application that can enable the Doctor Practice hassles free.

    The Main Modules in the Clinic Management Software are:

  • Key USPS.
  • ncrease the inflow of the patients to clinic by reminders and alerts hence increasing the productivity.
  • Maintains the Patients Records .
  • No worries of patients carrying the old files.
  • Keep Tracks of the Patient Medicinal History
  • Follow up of patients made very easy
  • Reminders to patients on their follow ups and medicine Intake
  • Integrated with SMS and Mail options to post reminders and Alerts to Patients
  • Patients Registration
  • Medical Observation Form
  • Doctor Prescription
  • Previous History of the Patients
  • Investigations
  • Medical Record Maintenance
  • Customized Reports
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    The Main Modules in the Pharmacy Management Software are:

  • Medicine Master
  • Stock Update
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Return
  • Sales Billing
  • Sales Return
  • Expiry Alerts
  • Reorder Level Alerts
  • Stock Reports
  • Sales Reports
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    We Develop user interactive and animated websites

    We use Payment gateways option for e-commerce sites

    We help to grow your business in rapid mode

    We use ASP and .NET technologies for dynamic sites

    Our clients are from small to high level business people

    We have developed and hosted 100’s of websites till now

    Our professional with their talent will bring your idea and dreams into reality

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    The Main Modules in the Inventory Management Software are:

  • Multiple Companies.
  • Invoice.
  • Payments Module.
  • DC Inward and DC Outward.
  • Keep Tracks of your Stock and maintains your Re- order Level
  • Purchase Order
  • Job Card
  • Quotation
  • Goods Received Note
  • Related Reports
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    Our Payroll software is built with the latest technology to make it powerful, yet easy-to-use. It simplifies the works of the HR In processing their payrolls and it is Hassle Free.

    The following are the Features:

  • Multiple Companies
  • Employee Details
  • Advance/Deduction Calculations
  • Pay slip Processing
  • Statutory Forms
  • PF & ESI Calculations
  • Overtime Calculations
  • Leave/Loan Calculations
  • Pay Registers
  • Pay Slip Generation
  • Attendance Calculations
  • Over Time Registers
  • TDS Calculations
  • Integrates with Time and Attendance Readers
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